In my practice I propose the following therapies:

Energic treatment

As a result of a physical or psychological trauma due to surgery, an accident or emotional shock, but also to poor nutrition which can harm our well-being, stress or external influences, our body can end up in an energetic imbalance.

This energetic imbalance can promote the creation of stagnant energies, which in turn can hurt our well-being. It is therefore essential to restore the free flow of energy in the body and to rebalance all energies in the body.

In my practice, I can help you restore this energy flow and thus do the first step to recover the inner balance.

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Phytotherapy or herbal medicine refers to the use of plants, parts of plants and their preparations for therapeutic purposes, as a preventive measure or in the treatment of pathologies. It undoubtedly belongs to the oldest therapeutic methods of humanity.

Herbal medicine works in depth. It does not overload the body and promotes its ability to react. Medicinal plants contain substances that have a direct biological effect on the body.

In addition to an energetic treatment, but also as a preventive or therapeutic, I use herbal medicine.

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Crystal healing with the crystal bed developed by Casa Dom Ignacio. The crystal bed is the name of a new generation of healing equipment. It combines the power of “color therapy” and “crystal therapy”.

The system is equipped with seven quartz crystals. Each crystal is aligned above one of the seven energy centers of the human body called “chakras”.

A colored light, corresponding to the chakra above which the crystal is positioned, shines through the crystals generating so a powerful therapeutic energy. The chakras are thus supplied by the energy of the crystals and are rebalanced. This flow of energy produces a beneficial stimulation on several physical and energetical levels of the patient and makes it possible to restore the body’s proper energy.

I invite you to try this wonderful experience at my practice.

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Nutrition advices

In our western countries, there is currently an overabundance of food products. As a result, most people do not know how to eat properly.

We are overwhelmed by information about new trends and fashions. These are strongly put forward for some time and then fall back just as quickly into oblivion.

Access to ready-made meals, all the fast food restaurants, but also the abundance of non-regional and non-seasonal products have moved people away from a natural and judicious food. If an overall assessment is made, such an alimentation is bad for health and very expensive.

Many people are thinking that there is no time to think about, everything must go very fast. However, alimentation is a very important component of our health.

Has it become so complicated in our modern society to eat well ??? get a good nutrition?

No, in fact, you do not need a lot of time and money to have a healthy and balanced alimentation. All you have to do is to change some habits and give your body time to get used to these changes. It’s not about deprivation, but about getting your body to eat differently.

If you wish, I am at your disposal for the setting of an adapted nutritional plan.