Japanese massages

These massage techniques were developed by Hidemi Morimasa, Doctor of Science (Health Sciences), Japan.

I was lucky to be trained by Hidemi Morimasa personally during the training sessions she did in Paris.

By restoring a better energy circulation in the body, these massages allow on the one hand a harmonization of energies. On the other hand, they enhance the detoxification of the body by drainage of the lymph in the adipose tissue and act on the muscular level by relaxing the tense muscles and improving the blood circulation. There are different massages, which use these techniques, adapted to different parts of the body, like the face, the bust with the arms, the abdomen, the back and the legs.

All these massages have a positive action on the well-being of the person by acting on the energy plan of the whole body. Through their action on the psychic level of the person due to their visible results in the remodeling of the silhouette, these massages also greatly improve your body. Their relaxing effect also have an influence on the beauty and harmony of the body. These massages allow the body to regain its flexibility and to melt the body fat.

Of course, the results obtained will be all the more significant and long-lasting if the patient completes these massages with a balanced nutrition and a detox treatment with phytotherapy. If you want, I am at your disposal for the establishment of a diet protocol and an energy rebalancing.

These massage techniques are applicable for all ages and all skin types, for women and for men.

Give yourself the gift of these extraordinary massages in my practice.

Kleine symbolisierte Blume zur Trennung zwischen zwei Absätzen

Voucher for one or more Japanese massages

Of course, if you wish it is possible to offer one or more Japanese massages in the form of a voucher. Feel free to come to my practice to choose the massage that will be best suited for your gift.